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October 1, 2016 Town-wide Revaluation of Real Property

Effective Date of Revaluation - October 1, 2016

October 1, 2016 Revaluation Timetable

Notice of New Values Mailed
November 2016

Informal Hearings Conducted by Tyler Technologies
November – December 2016

Board of Assessment Appeals Decisions Mailed
March - April 2017

Town Budget Process
March – May 2017

Results of Informal Hearings Mailed
January 2017

Board of Assessment Appeals Meets
March 2017

Mill Rate Established
June 2017

Tax Bills Due and Payable
July 1, 2017  

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Additional Information

Questions and Answers about the 2016 Groton Revaluation

1.) What is a Revaluation?
A revaluation is an update of all real estate assessments in the town. It ensures uniformity in property valuations and assures that all property owners are paying only their fair share of the cost for community services.

2) Why is the town revaluing all properties?
The last revaluation was conducted in 2011. Because property values have changed since then, assessment inequities have emerged. The state of Connecticut recognizes the need for periodic revaluations, and pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes Section 12-62 requires that the Town of Groton conduct a revaluation every five years.

3) Will property values change?
Most likely, yes. However, not all property values will change at the same rate. Market value has decreased more for some neighborhoods and property types than for others. One purpose of a revaluation is to make sure that the assessed values reflect the changes that have occurred in property values.

4) What is market value?
Market value is the amount that a willing buyer will pay for a property to a willing seller, both acting knowledgeably and prudently and neither being under any obligation to buy or sell. Market value is determined by the activity in the real estate market throughout Groton.

5) Will this mean that the town is going to collect more taxes as a result of revaluation?
No. A revaluation is NOT intended to raise revenues. The purpose of revaluation is to value all property by the same standards at the same time.

6) I have recently built my home. Will the actual construction costs be considered?
Your construction cost is a historical figure that may or may not reflect the current market value of your property. It is only one element that will be considered in determining fair market value.

7) Will my assessment go up if I repair my property?
Normal maintenance will help retain the market value of your property, but generally will not affect your assessment.

8) How and when will I be notified of the change in my assessment?
All property owners in Groton will be mailed a change of assessment notice with the new proposed assessment in November, 2016. The notice will also have instructions on how to schedule an informal hearing if you do not agree with the assessment.

9) What is an Informal Review?
When a property owner has a question or concern about the proposed valuation, they are asked to call Tyler Technologies to set up a date and time to discuss the valuation process and answer any questions the property owner may have. An informal review is not a forum to discuss taxes, it is strictly meant to answer questions on the property valuations.

Still have questions?

Call the Groton Assessor’s Office at 860-441-6660.