Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Teen Camp

Teens explore state parks, trails, beaches, and other amusements.  The camp emphasizes leadership, team building, physical activity, positive social interactions, structure, and meaningful participation. Teen Camp runs from 9am - 4pm Monday - Thursday.

What to bring: Lunch, water bottles, change of clothes, sunblock, bathing suit, towel, bug spray and proper clothing for protection from bugs and sun, spending money.  Please label your items and if you bring your phone, please make sure you have a waterproof container and ability to secure it. 

Rain policy: As long as conditions remain safe, we will endeavor to follow the schedule as closely as possible. In the event of lightning or other unsafe weather conditions, we will move to a safer indoor location such as the mall, movies, bowling, etc.

A List of Adventures will be announced later!

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