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Leader in Training

The Leader in Training program is designed to offer teens ages 14-15 learn through daily leadership, field trips, and shadowing staff while working together on a variety of projects centered on building skills for teens. Our staff and Leader in Training participants form a mentoring relationship that provides feedback and insight into their efforts on the different tasks they take on. The program is centered on teamwork and interaction, building relationships between new and returning campers. There is so much interaction with peers and staff our LIT’s find themselves a welcomed part of the group within the first few days. What will follow is a month of some of the most memorable and formative experiences in their life.

Candidates must have a genuine interest in youth development, working with younger campers, and be willing to commit the required energy, enthusiasm, and cooperation in all aspects of the program. A positive and cooperative attitude and pleasant disposition are critical personal attributes for the position. Emphasis is placed upon developing leadership skills, sensitivity to children, and supervision skills.

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