Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Tax Collection

Melissa McGuire, CCMC, Tax Collector
45 Fort Hill Road, Groton CT 06340
Phone: 860-441-6670 (Option 4)
Fax: 860)-441-6678
email : taxcollector@groton-ct.gov


Tax, sewer use charge and trash payments are no longer being accepted in the green mailbox outside Town Hall. A drop box is located inside the Tax Collection office between the two cashier windows.

DMV UPDATE: The DMV no longer accepts from tax collectors a paper tax release or stamp on the back of your registration renewal.  Releases are now done electronically, and it may take 24 to 48 hours for your release to update at DMV.  Please plan accordingly.  You can check whether you have any DMV compliance issues at ct.gov/dmv/online.  Once cleared, you can renew online without needing to visit a DMV office.

If you have received a tax bill from a town that you DID NOT RESIDE IN or GARAGE YOUR VEHICLE IN as of October 1, contact the Tax Assessor to request a transfer to the correct town/city of residency as of October 1.

The Tax Division is responsible for the collection of the Town of Groton's taxes as well as collection for nine taxing districts, political subdivisions, and the Groton sewer district. Additionally, the Tax Division is responsible for the billing and collection of twenty-two sewer benefit assessment systems, two water benefit assessment systems, residential and commercial sewer use, and landfill accounts.

Questions concerning assessed value, adjustments, exemptions or credits, tax relief programs, and improper motor vehicle billings should be directed to the Assessor’s office by phone at (860) 441-6660 option 1 or by fax at (860) 441-6678.
Questions about billing, tax balances due, amounts paid, delinquent taxes, and interest charged should be directed to the Tax Collector’s office.

Understanding electronic banking.

Your bank or credit union may offer electronic payment services for both one-time and recurring bills. It is convenient, but the timing of the payment is not the same as the withdrawal from your account. For example, suppose that your tax/sewer bill is due on the 30th, and you request that your bank process the payment that same day. The bank will likely charge your account on the 30th, but the payment to the Town of Groton typically will be made several days later and even up to two weeks later is common.
Because the Town of Groton did not receive the payment by the due date, your payment will be considered late -- even if your bank charged your account on the due date. Please keep this in mind if you opt to have your payment routed electronically. Give yourself some lead time.

The above only pertains to online banking through your bank or credit union.  Payments made through the Town’s web site or Official Payments are effective as of the date and time of your confirmation.

Also, if you do decide to use your online banking provider, please direct the payment to our office at 45 Fort Hill Road, Groton, CT 06340-4370 rather than to the address on the payment coupons.  Be aware that your account numbers change annually.  To have your payment applied correctly, be sure to update these references accordingly.

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