Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

GIS Interactive Mapping

These Interactive Mapping Services allow the user to view, query and print GIS information for any extent of the town. Each mapping service provides the user with a unique set of functions that were specifically tailored for common everyday use within the town. Through the use of these services, the user can produce high quality GIS maps for their use as well as perform spatial operations, such as buffer notifications, with the click of a mouse right from their home computer.

  • Aerial Imagery Updated: April, 2020
  • Assessment Data Current To: January, 2022
  • Parcel Data Current To: 10/1/2020
    Parcel Map Data is Current to the Grand List of the Shown Year. Subsequent edits have been made since the close of the Grand List however they may not be complete and current to today's date. 

GIS Application Troubleshooting 

For additional assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk

GISViewerGIS Viewer
This application can be viewed in any web browser and used on any smartphone or tablet. Users are able to access Assessment information, Deeds, Property Cards, and pictures. Several map themes are available to overlay including: Utility Data, Parcel Annotation, Districts, such as Fire and Zoning, and Environmental Data. Users can also toggle between several years’ worth of orthophotography.
The values shown are based on the findings during the 2016 Town Wide Revaluation, and the land & building characteristics are based on the findings for the 2020 Grand List

FEMA Flood MapsFEMA Flood Maps
FEMA flood maps are flood hazard information produced by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). FEMA mapping identifies flood hazards and evaluates flood risk areas. FEMA has partnered with states and communities to provide accurate flood hazard and risk data to guide them to mitigation actions.

Voting Districts MapVoting District Map
This application is designed to help users find a voting location within the town. Click a location directly on the map to find a voting location or search for the address of your polling place in the search bar. When a polling location is within the polygon layer, you will see information about the polling location and the related district boundary will be highlighted on the map.

Image CompareGroton Image Compare
Ever wanted to see changes in Groton right before your eyes? With Image Compare you can view two images from different years side by side in the same extent. Imagery ranges from 1934 to 2020. Use the "Bookmark Tool" to zoom to and view areas we've picked out for you to see change.

Groton Coastal Accessibility
This application allows users to view locations where the public can access Groton's coastline on their PC, tablets or smartphone. Just clicking on one of the coastal locations, and the map will then zoom to its location. Display an informational window showing basin information, by click on coastal area in the map. View photos from the area, by clicking on the camera or information logo on the map.

PARKViewer Park Viewer
This application helps citizens locate a park and obtain information about recreation activities in their community. Searches can be conducted by park name or amenity within the park. This application is typically used to locate a park or recreation area near them, or one that offers the activity they are interested in.

Hiking TrailsGuide to Hiking Trails
Want to go on a hike? This web application allows users to view trails on their PC, tablets or smartphone. This web page includes trail facts, downloadable trail maps, create your own trail map, and find my location when you out on a trail. The trail systems include Town of Groton trails, State owned trails, and private Open Space trails. These trails are owned and managed by Groton Open Space Association (GOSA) and the Avalonia Land Conservancy.

PARKRXNew London County ParkRx
New London County Parks and Recreation Departments have come together to create the New London County Park Prescription program. This program has partnered with public land agencies, and healthcare providers to encourage people to utilize parks, trails, and open space for the purpose of improving individual and community health. You can search for the closes park near you by typing in an address in the search bar or click a location button then directly on the map. A list of amenities in your area will then appear.