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Employee Benefits

Christine Adanti
Employee Benefits & Retirement Analyst
Phone: 860-441-6639
Fax: 860-441-6625
e-mail: cadanti@groton-ct.gov

The Town of Groton provides a comprehensive benefit program for its employees. The Employee Benefits & Retirement Analyst is responsible for the day to day administration of the program and is available to answer questions and assist employees and retirees with benefit issues. The program includes health insurance through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, a Town sponsored defined benefit retirement plan, Life Insurance, Workers' Compensation and a 457 Plan through MissionSquare Retirement (formerly ICMA-RC).

The Town of Groton and the Board of Education have entered into an agreement to self-insure employee health insurance. Each year the Town and the Board of Education contribute to an insurance fund based on the number of covered employees, expected claims and projected administrative costs. Insurance claims and costs are paid directly from the fund rather than on a premium basis. The parties have entered into an Administrative Services Only (ASO) Agreement with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Connecticut to serve as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the plan. Employees share in the cost through premium contributions. Retiree health insurance for Town employees is also paid from this fund.  Through the Employee Benefits & Retirement Analyst, Human Resources is responsible for maintaining up to date insurance records, informing and explaining coverages to employees/retirees, resolving problems associated with coverages and claims as well as assuring compliance with COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) and other regulatory requirements.

The Town and the Board of Education also self-insure their Workers' Compensation Program. Workers' Compensation Trust (WCT) is the Town of Groton's Third Party Administrator for Worker's Compensation. WCT handles all administrative functions, such as reviewing and paying claims, filing of reports with the state, monitoring long-term claims. The Town Attorney's office provides legal services as necessary. The Employee Benefits & Retirement Analyst works with WCT in assisting in claims management and is available to answers questions regarding workers' compensation claims.

The Town of Groton Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan created by a Special Act of the State Legislature in 1943. Administration of the plan is governed by a Retirement Ordinance while benefits are collectively bargained with the Town's unions. Pensions are paid from the Retirement Fund derived from contributions from Town of Groton employees and the Town of Groton and return on investment. A Retirement Board appointed by the Town Council serves as the trustees of the Retirement Fund with a market value of $123 million and has full power to control the investments of the retirement funds. The retirement plan is fully funded, that is there are sufficient funds to cover the projected benefits of the plan's participants. The Employee Benefits & Retirement Analyst verifies retirement eligibility, provides pension estimates, informs/counsels employees regarding their retirement options, and maintains up-to-date retiree master files.

The Town Pension Plan is supplemented by a 457 Plan, which is a Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan managed by MissionSquare Retirement. The 457 Plan allows the employee to contribute a percentage of their pay to the Plan to save and invest today for their retirement. Federal and State taxes are deferred until the funds are withdrawn, usually during retirement.

Websites of interest for Town of Groton employees and retirees:

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Member Services: 1-833-952-2074
Pharmacy Member Services: 1-833-267-2133
Information While Traveling: 1-800-810-2583

Transparency in Health Care Coverage Information

MissionSquare Retirement 457 Plan
https://www.missionsq.org  - access for 457 and Roth IRA
Questions or concerns regarding Employee Benefits, please call or e-mail the Employee Benefits Coordinator.

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