Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Financial Aid: Save 25% to 50%

Financial Aid
We are committed to providing opportunities for all residents, regardless of ability to pay! Discounts apply to every Recreation program and are awarded to resident families that meet income limits. There is no limit on the number of programs discounted. We encourage anyone eligible for discounts to use them!

Discounts are available for Groton residents only. In order to claim the discount for Recreation programs (Thrive55+ programs not included), bring a copy of your most recent federal income tax filing(s) to the Groton Parks & Recreation Admin Office located at 29 Spicer Ave (next to Beebe Cove in Noank). We can't accept electronic copies, fax copies or information over the phone. If you are already receiving services at Groton Human Services, please mention our discount program as well, and the staff there will help you apply. If you do not file income taxes, please call 860-536-6580 to discuss alternative documentation. 

Discounts expire March 31st of each year. Please reapply annually. 

It's Easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Determine Your Income
    • Total Income from Form 1040 (Line 11)
    • If married filing separately, combine figures from both income tax filings!
  2. Determine Household Size
    • Number of people listed on your income tax filing(s)
  3. If your Total Income is less than the amount listed for your Household Size on the chart you qualify for a Discount!
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