Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Recreation Services

Groton Recreation Services provides instructional programs, health and fitness classes, cultural activities, enrichment programs, sports leagues, concerts, special events, summer camps, safety programs, and more! Programs are offered to all ages and are accessible to people of all abilities and regardless of ability to pay. 
Learn more about the Groton Parks and Recreation’s Inclusion Policy which recognizes the value of including people who have varying levels of ability as a means of strengthening our community. The department is committed to creating and promoting inclusion across all public spaces, facilities and programs that the department manages. If you or your child has special needs or requires assistance, please complete the Recreation Assessment form to share information that will help us give you and your child the best possible Groton Parks and Recreation experience.

Importance of Community Recreation
Community recreation programs and services are very important as they improve the quality of life for hose in our community.  Our recreation and drop-in programs provide a refuge of safety for at-risk youth. Researchers concur that crimes by and against minors soar from 3-6pm (after school lets out). According to a 2010 study, for every dollars spent in afterschool programming, it saved on average $6 in crime, court and detention costs. This is why great summer camps, open gyms and recreation programs we offer are an effective and essential human service.

Community recreation programs provide a social outlet and a way to connect people. Consider that loneliness has become an epidemic. Social isolation has many negative consequences such as increased risk for obesity, dementia, high blood pressure, alcoholism and accidents.  All of these health issues become more prevalent when connections are cut. 

Providing programs and public spaces like the Groton Community Center for human interaction are important. Community recreation programs and parks also provide for social equity, ensuring that all citizens have access and opportunity to benefit from parks and recreation services by removing barriers. Handicapped-accessible facilities, affordable programming and direct mailed program guides are all examples Groton's effort to make our community a great place to live, work and play for all people.

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