Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Family Friendly Golf

Family Tees
As a step toward encouraging a family golfing experience, Shennecossett recently installed Family Tees on the course. The markers (yellow discs) are located along the fairway and abutting the rough. The Family Tee program enables  golfers to have the opportunity to make pars and birdies by playing from a yardage that enables them to reach each green in regulation, allowing shorter driver carry distances to enjoy the same golf experience.

This program was designed with kids in mind and is a step toward involving the entire family in the game. While kids are the future of golf, Family Tees are a great place to develop and experience the thrill of golf for younger, non-traditional golfers, golfers with physical challenges and for the more seasoned golfer working to improve their mid-range game.

FamilyFriendlyGolf_Disc_V2 - Copy.PNG (2) Smiling Girl_Golfing