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Mystic Parking Study

Downtown Mystic is a major New England tourism destination.   Visitation to the area is at an all-time high as exciting shops and restaurants open and draw visitors from well beyond Connecticut’s borders.

While we welcome both residents and visitors enjoying all that Mystic has to offer, and appreciate the support for our local businesses and nonprofits, it has placed growing pressure on the parking supply. The Towns of Groton and Stonington jointly commissioned a study to identify effective parking strategies to better manage and improve parking conditions for customers, visitors, employees and residents of Downtown Mystic.

John Burke, Parking & Transit Consulting, presented the key findings and recommendations at a Mystic Parking Study public meeting held via Zoom on May 27, 2021. Below are the links to the parking study presentation and final report.

Please contact Jonathan Reiner at 860-446-5980 with any questions.

John Burke updated the Town Council on March 22, 2022 with a presentation and discussion.  The PowerPoint is listed below.

Mystic Parking Study Phase II Meetings

In the spring of 2022 the Town of Groton began the implementation phase of this project.  A stakeholder group has been formed, and meetings are being held to receive guidance and input from the public.  The Town Council will receive an update on the stakeholder process in the fall of 2022 at a Committee of the Whole meeting.