Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Pending Land Use Applications

This page provides a list of recently approved and currently pending land use applications.
Visit our Greater Groton page to review the latest draft regulation for Short Term Rentals, Data Centers and Cannabis in Groton.
SIT23-04 & SPEC380, tVCCA Childcare & Preschool Center, 36 & 38 Central Avenue


SIT23-06, Hybrid Cannabis, 79 Gold Star Highway
SIT23-05, Retail Cannabis, 721 Long Hill Road

REGA23-04, Data Center Text Amendments - Public Hearing Scheduled on 6/27/23

REGA23-03, Multi-Unit Storage and Parking Text Amendments - Approved, Effective June15, 2023
REGA23-01, Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Text Amendments - Town Wide - Approved, Effective May 15, 2023
REGA23-02, Cannabis Zoning Text Amendments- Town Wide - Approved, Effective May 15, 2023

If there are any concerns or comments regarding an application, please contact:

Planning & Zoning
Deborah G. Jones, AICP
Assistant Director
134 Groton Long Point Road Groton, CT 06340-4873
Phone: 860-446-5970
Fax: 860-448-4094
E-Mail: djones@groton-ct.gov

Zoning Board of Appeals
Tom Zanarini
Planner I, Code Enforcement
134 Groton Long Point Road
Groton, CT  06340-4873
Phone: 860-448-4091
Fax: 860-448-4094
E-Mail: tzanarini@groton-ct.gov