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Prudent Power Groton


Groton residents and small businesses: Take the Groton Prudent Power Pledge!
Choose three actions from the list below to help save the planet and your wallet 

  • Use ceiling or portable fans in place of room air conditioners. Air conditioners can cost 50 times as much to run. Fans keep air moving allowing a higher thermostat setting because moving air feels cooler.
  • Scrape dishes into the garbage instead of rinsing in hot water before loading your dishwasher. If you choose to rinse dishes, use cold water.
  • Turn off computer games when not being played. Even while paused, most games are still using energy.
  • Wash clothes in cold or warm water rather than hot, and rinse in cold. Rinse temperature has no effect on cleaning and cooler temperatures extend fabric life.
  • Unplug your cell phone and other chargers when not in use. Get in the habit of plugging it in only when in use.  
  • Buy ENERGY STAR® products whenever possible. Though they may cost slightly more initially, they save money in the long run and can help save energy even when turned off.
  • Have your furnace burner checked and cleaned annually.
  • Are you a renter? Ask your landlord to support energy saving practices and/or share money-saving tips.
  • Install storm doors which save energy by reducing air infiltration when the primary door is opened plus reduces heat transfer through the primary door when it is closed.
  • Reset your hot water heater to 120° F. Many are factory-set for 140° F-- a lot higher than needed.
  • Turn off your electric water heater when you leave home for extended periods, such as vacations.
  • For holiday string lighting, switch to LEDs. Not only will they reduce electric use by more than 90 percent, they last up to 50,000 hours.
  • Turn off your dishwasher dry cycle -- instead open the door and let dishes and silverware air dry.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room or when they're not needed. A friendly post-it note can help remind users until it is a habit.
  • Put a lid on a pot to boil water. The water boils faster and you'll use less energy.
  • Don’t line oven or refrigerator racks with foil. It blocks air flow and makes the appliance work harder.
  • A broken seal on a refrigerator is the same as leaving the door open. To test, close on a single sheet of paper and try to pull it out. If it slides out easily (or has any tears), it needs to be replaced.
  • Consider removing second refrigerators or freezers. If you use one for only part of the year, unplug it for the rest of the year and open or remove the door.
Prudent Power Groton is a Town of Groton Sustainable CT campaign to support energy efficiency in partnership with these local businesses. Reducing energy consumption helps individuals and businesses save money and better supports regional efforts to manage power and protect our environment.

Thanks to these Prudent Power Partners:
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For questions regarding Groton Prudent Power, email Megan Granato at mgranato@groton-ct.gov or call (860) 446-5974.