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Short Term Rentals in Groton

If you like to travel, you've probably heard of VRBO or Airbnb-style short-term rentals (STRs). You may also rent out a vacation home, a portion of your home, or the neighborhood that you live in may be impacted by a STR. Residential housing is being used in many different ways, one of which is to rent that home for short periods of time. STRs were once a niche way to travel, but are now available for rent all over the world.

The Town of Groton is considering ways to regulate STRs. What you might not know is that at this time, the State of Connecticut has no legislation in place regulating short term rentals statewide. Historically, Groton hasn’t regulated them either. So to keep up with the demand, regulation of these properties must be done through a change to our zoning regulations or development of a new town ordinance.

Zoning Regulations provide rules about how a piece of land or property can be used, how large a building can be, whether a business can be opened on a property, as well as establishing parking, landscaping and lighting requirements. Zoning laws govern issues like site construction, hours of operation, parking requirements, signs, garbage collection, and the like. Zoning could specify which districts allow STRs and can specify how STRs are approved. Zoning can require that a permit is issued to the property, not the operator, and zoning can dictate enforcement through the zoning enforcement officer. Zoning regulations are adopted by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the regulations will only apply to new uses.

A Town Ordinance, on the other hand, would apply to both new STRs and those already operating. It would eliminate the potential for existing properties to claim grandfathered rights to operate STRs and would issue a license to the operator and not the property. An ordinance would also put enforcement in the hands of the Police. An ordinance is adopted by the Town Council.
Whether we decide on new zoning or an ordinance, to develop these new regulations for STR's Groton is engaging the Horsley Witten Group to seek solutions that protect public interests and meet the needs of all residents. We strive to create regulations that generate inclusive opportunities for local wealth-creation, while still balancing the needs of all members of the community.

Please visit the PROJECT PAGE www.greatergroton.com/short-term-rentals-in-groton on the Greater Groton platform. There you will find more information, a project timeline, links to documents, staff contacts, and opportunities to leave feedback throughout the project.

Thank you for your interest and participation!