Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Resilient Groton

What is a resilient Groton?
Each person asking this question may answer it differently. But in general, a resilient Groton is a Groton that is prepared to withstand risks and hazards, such as those caused by climate change. Resilience is often talked about alongside sustainability. Sustainability involves making decisions today that will help create a healthy world for future generations. These two concepts complement each other.

When thinking about resilience, it is important to consider that everyone is not starting on a level playing field. Certain parts of our community are, and will continue to be, burdened more than others by the impacts of climate change. This understanding needs to be a critical part of the bedrock of the Town’s resilience action.

This website provides additional information on understanding risks, the resilience and sustainability projects the Town is working on, and suggestions of what you can do to help. 

For more information and to share your ideas, suggestions, or questions, contact:

Megan Granato, Sustainability and Resilience Manager
134 Groton Long Point Road
Groton, CT 06430
Phone: 860-446-5974
Email: mgranato@groton-ct.gov