Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Leaf Management

As leaves are falling from the trees, the Town of Groton reminds residents about good leaf management.  When leaves get wet, they stick together like glue and clog your storm drains, causing potential flooding issues.  Leaves that enter the stormwater system break down and decompose which adds excess nitrogen into our local waterbodies we use for drinking water, fishing and swimming.    

Tips for Groton Residents on good leaf management:

Running leaves over with a lawn mower is the most effective way to manage leaves.  Not only does it save you from raking, shredded leaves up to ¾” deep can be left on the lawn to help enrich the soil.  The shredded leaves can also be added to your compost pile.
Mulch your leaves.  Spread shredded leaves in your gardens to protect and enrich your soil.
Haul your leaves: Bagged or loose leaves may be disposed at “no charge” at the Town of Groton Residential Transfer Station.  Paper bags are okay but plastic bags must be emptied at the site.  Leaves are composted and completed leaf compost is available on a first come basis.  The Transfer Station is located at 685 Flanders Road.

Residential leaf drop-off at the Town of Groton Residential Transfer Station
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Leaf compost can be picked up at “no charge” by residents at the Town of Groton Transfer Station
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