Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Vending in Parks

Groton Parks and Recreation offers vendors opportunities to operate in parks by the month or at one-day special events that draw large numbers of attendees.  Ideal vendors use compostable/recyclable containers (avoiding glass and polystyrene), keep their areas clean and litter-free, provide great customer service, and offer items that people desire.

  • Vendors can choose which individual parks, dates or events. 
  • The number of vendor spots is limited to ensure that each vendor has a successful experience. 
  • Only one vendor per product type is allowed at each park or event. For example, we'll only have one vendor selling hot dogs at a concert, but we would allow both hot dogs and ice cream at the same concert.
  • We value our relationships with vendors and always give those we've worked with at last year's parks or events, the first opportunity to renew for next year.
Approval Process

  • Complete an Online Application by selecting from the list of parks, events and fees. 
  • Insurance: Vendors must provide a certificate of insurance approved by the Town. Insurance Requirements
  • Health District Permit: Vendors preparing food items must obtain a permit from Ledge Light District.  (860-448-4882)
  • Police Vending Permit: Vendors conducting their sales on Town or State roads, or in parks other than at special one-day events, must obtain an annual Police Vending Permit.  The Police Vending Application requires a sign-off from the Building Official. (860-446-5982) The annual permit is good from date of issue thru December 31.  Fee applies.  For more information contact the Groton Town Police Records Department at (860-441-6713).
  • Fire Marshal Inspection and Permit: All concession units using a propane appliance-fuel system are required to obtain the Fire Marshal's permission of the appropriate fire district before use under the terms of the concession permit. (pbfdfiremarshal@pbfd.net or 860-446-5997)
  • Independent Contractor Status: Vendor and its employees are not employees of the Town of Groton and are not eligible for any benefits through the Town.
  • Indemnification: Vendors shall hold harmless, defend, and indemnify the Town and the Town's officers, agents, and employees against all claims, demands, actions, and suits (including all attorney fees and costs) brought against any of the aforementioned arising from the Vendor's operation under the Permit.