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The Town of Groton adopts FYE 2022 budget

At their June 1, 2021 meeting, the Groton Town Council adopted its FYE 2022 budget.  The tax rate for fiscal year 2022 was set at 25.98 mills, an increase of 0.87 mill over the current tax rate of 25.11 mills. 

The budget was set at $137,644,367 increase, or 5.5%, over the current year’s budget following adjustments by the Town Council and RTM.  The increases are mainly due to bonds for the Groton 2020 School Plan, along with capital projects, requests from the Town’s Subdivisions, benefits and new full-time positions including a Community Police Officer position, a Social Worker Position (within the Police Department) and a Climate Resilience Program Manager. 

Please go to the Town’s website at https://groton-ct.gov/departments/finance/reports.php to learn more about the Town’s budget.  Please note that while the proposed budget is currently on the website, staff is making changes enacted by the Town Council and RTM to the budget in order to publish the adopted budget.  The adopted budget should be available very soon. 

Below is information on the expected financial impact from the adopted budget. 

FYE 2022 Adopted Budget Mill Rate & Annual Tax Comparisons for Taxes Due July 1, 2021