Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

Notice of temporary detour for bridge repair - Spring 2024 through 2025


PROJECT NO. 172-528


State Project No. 172-528, includes the rehabilitation of 6 bridges carrying I-95 and I-395 in various towns in eastern and southeastern Connecticut, has been initiated by the CT Department of Transportation (CTDOT) to address maintenance needs and extend the longevity of the bridges. The proposed project consists of rehabilitating deteriorated beam ends and associated structural elements directly below and adjacent to the deck joints. One of the bridges under the project is located in Groton. This is bridge 01770 and carries I-95 SB over Rte. 184 & Rte. 12 Ramp.

The work on the top part of the bridges will be performed during off-peak hours in which lanes will be temporarily closed and re-opened to traffic on a daily basis. Work underneath the bridges will be done through a combination of shoulder closures. Temporary lane closures are anticipated to provide access to work areas behind barriers in expressways. All work will be performed within the State-owned right-of-way. The project will not require additional rights-of-way or easements, and no residential or commercial displacements are proposed. No Section 4(f) properties will be impacted. It is anticipated that the project qualifies as a Categorical Exclusion under the National Environmental Policy Act.

A temporary detour is anticipated for Bridge No. 01770 in Groton (the bridge that carries I-95 southbound over Route 184 and the on-ramp to I-95 southbound from Route 12). A temporary closure of the on-ramp to I-95 southbound from Route 12 southbound will require this temporary detour during off-peak hours (for approximately 3 months). The detour will route traffic to the on-ramp to I-95 southbound from Route 12 northbound (see inset map).

The temporary detour is expected to have minimal impacts to the regular flow of vehicular traffic as it will be during off-peak hours. As shown on the location map, the short length of the detour (less than 2 miles) also facilitates minimal traffic impacts.

The entire project is anticipated to begin construction in Spring 2024 and end at the end of 2025, though construction on Bridge No. 01770 is anticipated to last approximately 4 months. Project funding for the construction is 90% Federal and 10% State.

It is CTDOT’s policy to keep the public informed and involved when projects are undertaken. Any interested citizen may request project information by contacting the Project Manager, Mr. Francisco Fadul, PE, via e-mail at Francisco.Fadul@ct.gov or at 860-594-2078. (Please reference Project No. 172-528).

Any interested citizen may request a public information meeting for the project. Requests for a public information meeting must be submitted in writing through regular mail on or before 04/19/2023 to Mr. Francisco Fadul, PE, CT Dept. of Transportation, 2800 Berlin Turnpike, P.O. Box 317546, Newington, CT 06131-7546 or by e-mail to Francisco.Fadul@ct.gov.