Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut


Group thanks
Group roadside from afar
Two in safety vests picking up trash

Volunteer Roadside Clean-up Program
Is Litter one of your Pet Peeves?  
Help Keep the Town of Groton clean, healthy, and beautiful by ‘adopting’ a road. 
 How Does It Work?  Community Groups, Businesses, Churches, Sports Teams, or Families... “Adopt-a-Highway” by picking-up litter on both sides of a road segment for at least two years.

Your group agrees to:
Select a road segment at least one mile long in consultation with PWD
Pick up litter at least twice a year

The Town agrees to:
Provide trash bags & safety information
Loan volunteers high-visibility vests
Provide a disposal site for filled bags, plus remove large, heavy, or hazardous items
Put up a highway sign recognizing your group’s efforts

Groups not only help our community look neat and well cared for, but aid wildlife and waters-- as animals can mistake garbage/wrappers for food and be lured to risky roadsides, and litter can make its way into storm drains and end up disrupting the health of open waters.
 INTERESTED?  Find a Promotional Brochure with more information plus the official Guidelines, Application, Safety Guidelines, & Volunteer Waivers on the Documents & Permits page (note: presently the process is paper-based, but PWD seeks to make it less-so soon!) 

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