Welcome to the Town of Groton, Connecticut

GP&R Looking Ahead

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Looking ahead for Groton Parks & Recreation:

  • Groton Community Center athletic field renovation begins this fall including re-grading the field and installing irrigation. The field is expected to be ready for Fall 2023.
  • Bike Pump Track - Fundraising continues for the pump track, to date $55,000 has been raised. The projected start date for the project is the Spring of 2023.
  • Community Connectivity Projects - The G&S Trolley Trail has been extended from Knoxville Court to Industrial Drive making an important connection to Bluff Point and the future pump track. Creating an on-road bike lane and accompanying signage is the next step in creating a safe connection from the trail to Sutton Park.
  • Recreation Master Plan - The department will be updating the Recreation Master Plan from 2009. Work is expected to begin this fall. One of the goals of the master plan is to identify those areas of the community that are underserved by recreation programs and facilities and develop a plan to address those inequities. 
  • Sutton Park - Planning is underway for renovations to Sutton Park. Work will include layout changes to the skatepark, installation of a new playground, remodeling one of the picnic shelters, landscaping and repaving of the parking lot. Work will begin this fall with public engagement opportunities. 
  • Shennecossett Golf Course - Renovations are scheduled to begin this fall to Shennecossett Golf Course. Work will focus on restoration to green-side and fairway bunkers along holes 4, 5, 6.